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My name is Michael Kocher. Since my last name is so hard for everyone to pronounce, I usually go by DJ Michael K. I've been a professional disc jockey (DJ) for around 17 years. I started out working for a big DJ company doing weddings, bar accounts, and other events. After a few years, I decided to go out on my own. I was never interested in building a huge DJ company and having dozens of employees working for me; I simply wanted to provide the best personalized service at at the best price without any gimmicks or trickery.

I have a regular "day job" (currently at ProObject) and I'm also an accomplished singer/songwriter. I'm married to my best friend who also happens to be one of the best wedding cake designers around (OK, I'm a little biased). We have two children -a boy and a girl - and we live in Arnold, Maryland.

I DJ because I enjoy it and because I'm very good at it. I'm not out to make a million dollars. When it stops being fun -or I stop being good at it- then I won't do it anymore. I can't see that happening though; I love music and I take great pride in making every event I DJ enjoyable and successful.

I have started a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Blog that may answers some of your additional questions. You will need to allow pop-up windows before clicking the link though:

Michael K.'s FAQ Blog