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Below you can enter your event date and check my availability.

Since I don't have any other DJs working for me, every event that I book is an event that I intend to do myself. Therefore, once I'm booked for an event on a certain day, I become unavailable for any other event. If, however, I book a wedding reception or other event that is either early enough in the day or late enough in the evening to accommodate another booking that same date, I will still have my status as available until I can personally determine whether I can accommodate both events that day.

Unfortunately, there's no way for me to specify which part of any given day I'm available in my current availability tool. For example, let's say I've booked a wedding reception in Baltimore that starts at noon and ends at 4pm. I could then be available to DJ another event that evening so long as it started no sooner than 6pm and was within a 30-minute drive from my last venue. In this instance, I would mark my availability as available.

The bottom line is that this availability tool is pretty accurate but it's best to check with me personally (contact form or email) to ensure whether or not I'm available for your event.

Oh, and if I'm not available, I'd be happy to provide you with my recommendations for some other great DJs!